Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Javasaurus

When Java (the programming language) was born I fell in love with it immediately. For several years java was my preferred development environment. In the early years of the new millenia I happened to be involved in a couple of .NET projects and as the .NET platform matured I became increasingly impressed by it. I became used to having things like LINQ to make my programming life easier. A couple of weeks ago I started working on a project where I'm porting an existing c# system of mine to a java equivalent and it has become clear to me these last weeks that java has been left so far behind by c# that it is almost embarrasing. The simplicity of my c# code is impossible to replicate in java. I try to ease the pain using some of apaches libraries but it doesn't go all the way, not by far. Reading some of the java community responses to LINQ and other language inventions in the .net world makes me wonder if some kind of brainrot started spreading in javaland without me noticing before? Or, is it simply so that anything microsoft does by definition must be bad to a true java follower?