Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Password caching

Everytime I upgrade to a new version of the svn binaries my build system stops working. This would not have to be the case if only I could remember what I'm always doing wrong. I'm using MSBuild projects to build my code so setting up a new development area from scratch means that an msbuild script does all sorts of things, among them, checking out all code using svn.exe. And, this is where it all goes wrong. Since I have password protected my repository the script is challenged with a password request. For some reason the password prompt is kept hidden for me by the msbuild system. Thus, the build script freezes over and times out, I guess, I've never had the patience to wait it out, "kill -KILL" rules! Or, "End Task" as it is called in boring win systems. So, I figured that if I used svn directly from the prompt once and made it cache my password I would be alright. But, unfortunatly I failed to do so, it simply refused to cache anything what-so-ever. I'm sure I did something wrong but it is a little strange since caching passwords is supposed to be default!

Now the solution (one of them anyway) turned out to be TortoiseSVN. Using the tortoise once and checking the save password checkbox resulted in the password actually beeing cached and svn.exe picked it up!